Monday, January 29, 2007

Wait a minute here?

Here is another one of those things you just WON'T SEE on the Democratic Congressional News Network (CNN).

"In our discussions, President Karzai stressed the crucial importance of reconstruction. The delegation commended him for his leadership and discussed additional steps that would enhance the authority of the central government and improve the security situation in the country," the statement said.

The U.S. lawmakers said they would quickly consider a Bush administration proposal to increase aid to Afghanistan to help Karzai's government combat the renewed Taliban insurgency.

You are telling me that Pelosi and the rest of the anti war left want to INCREASE US presence in Afghanistan? WTF? Wait a minute. Are they not in a struggle there as well? Increasing violence there daily from the Taliban? WTF?

This is what I mean about the left. They don't have a fucking CLUE!

Last year was the bloodiest since the hardline Islamist Taliban government was ousted in 2001 -- more than 4,000 people died -- and U.S., NATO and Taliban commanders say the coming spring will see a bloody and dangerous offensive within months.

This is not Iraq they are talking about but AFGHANISTAN!

Are they this stupid? Ok maybe they are.

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