Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Straight out of I Robot

Damn we don't even want to park our cars anymore.

A humanoid robot valet won't be stepping into your car to drive it.

Rather, the garage itself does the parking. The driver stops the car on a pallet and gets out. The pallet is then lowered into the innards of the garage, and transported to a vacant parking space by a computer-controlled contraption similar to an elevator that also runs sideways.

There is no human supervision, but an attendant will be on hand to accept cash and explain the system to baffled humans.

This does sound really cool.

Dennis Clarke, the chief operating officer at Robotic Parking, acknowledged the operational problems, but said the garage has operated with "99.99 percent efficiency." He called the 26-hour outage a freak incident, where two redundant sensors failed at the same time and a maintenance crew failed to follow company policy in not repairing them right away.

But that .001% might concern me.

I wouldn't expect this in neighborhoods nation wide any time soon.
But I would not doubt them coming to cities like Boston and LA soon.

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