Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Torn a bit on this one.

Bush Plans Iraq Troop Surge

President Bush will call for sending more American troops to Iraq to calm two troubled areas - Baghdad, where sectarian violence flares daily, and the western Anbar Province, a base of the most Sunni insurgency, a Republican senator said Monday.

Now why exactly are we sending more troops there?
I can understand the need to win the fight. But as I see it we have about 147 Thousand US troops there. Another 10 thousand British Troops. Another 200 thousand Iraqi troops. Against what is estimated to be about 25 thousand insurgents IF THAT. In the country and for some reason we think that adding another 10-20 thousand troops will make that big a difference?

Ok so most of the troops that are there aren't all in combat. Some are repair techs, etc etc. So lets say there are 60 thousand combat troops in Iraq. Unless the new increase will be all combat troops battle hardened I really don't see how this will help.


According to Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., Bush told the senators that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki presented him with the plan for a U.S. troop increase several weeks ago when they met in Jordan. Bush indicated to the lawmakers he was willing to send more troops because the Iraqis were willing to meet certain criteria.

How about this for a thought.
How about we let Maliki run his own troops.
As it stands now he can only command 20 troops to operate in the country. WTF are 20 troops going to do?

We need to slowly let go of the handle bars on the bike here and see how well the guy does. Come on now!

Again am I for pulling all the troops out like the dems want. HELL NO.
That is only the left wing nut jobs that want that.
But we need to start giving the Iraqi government more leeway in what they do in their own affairs.

Lets see how this speech goes tonight.


papiluvspollofrito said...

I agree jinxy, I've heard that there are plenty of troops there already that just sit around and are not on patrols. What good would sending more troops there do unless they are going to completely shut down the border along Syria and Iran!?

CP said...

Exactly paps.
It doesn't make any sense.
Correction as well. The speech is tonight at 9pm.

Lets see but I am so far not liking this at all.