Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yes another year has come and gone.
Being the first post of the Year I will talk about why New Years is so significant to us.

Now this is just my take on New Years but I think it's because of the representation of a fresh start. Although its kinda silly to take it that way because after all the same mistakes you made last year aren't going away this year?

But its a bit more symbolic then literal I think.

Its the thought of looking at a brand new calendar, ripping off the old one and planning out the next year that holds its luster year after year I guess.

I mean sure its just another day but stepping back a bit you get to see that its loosely tied to our capitalistic system here in the US.

Think about it. The markets all run in a sort of annual pattern. A quarterly pattern. The Job market runs high from February-Spring lulls a bit for the summer and picks back up in the winter. Flowing sort of on the calendar. Our tax season has begun now in January and ends in April.

Hopefully this turns out to be a great New Year.

Happy 07 all!

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