Monday, January 22, 2007

So who do you trust?

Here is something that I think is of great interest to me and one of the reasons that I consider myself a conservative. I get asked this often. Who do you trust, republican or democrats?

I don't consider myself a democrat and I don't consider myself a republican either. There are many things I don't hold very highly as much of the republican stances. But I do trust one a bit more than another.

Here is why:

Following the 2000 elections and 2004 elections where democrats lost the very first thing that liberals and democrats did was look for outside reasons as to why they lost. First thing they all started to say was how the "election was stolen" - how "its a conspiracy" pushing all the reasons for failure on externalities instead of looking within.

Instead of pushing aside the ultra liberal views and become more main stream the democrats EMBRACED the ultra liberal views. The moveon.orgs the global warming freaks, the peta's, the most left leaning organization out there.

Then in the 2006 elections republicans lost heavily.
And the first thing they did was look INTERNALLY at what they can do to get back to the conservative values that got them to where they were.

Not looking to blame someone else for their failures but looking to blame themselves and correcting the failure. Such is the case with the summit planned for Washington this weekend. Looking to get back to the conservative core. Not embracing the power hungry mentality that plagued them in 2000-2006.

That is why I would trust republicans a bit more than democrats.

At least they take responsibility for losses.
Look for solutions and move with those solutions.
Not go off and blame your loss on "Ohio ballots" or "Florida fraud" or some other wacked out conspiracy theory.
Especially where there are cases in other states where there was CLEAR fraud where rigging of the machines was done in the democrats favor.

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